Senin, 16 April 2012

forget the man who was hurt me

To forget someone is really hard especially someone that really special for me
but it will become such a pain if I can't forget him whom aren't love me back

Accept The Reality !Try to face the truth

Cry out everything  I  have to cry about

When I get hurt, it's normal to cry. never think I am are being weak for crying and don't feel embarrassed because of it! It's normal and it's good! When I cry,  let go of part of my anger and hurt so I can feel less heavy. Get rid of the pain! Just let him go!

Get busy
Find something I can do. something like tidy my room, tidy clothes, tidy cabinet of full my high heels n etc. 

Spend some time with my friends
Uhhh , talk about friends. when I was with STUPID HIM (EX), he was told me to not together with my friends. it's SUCK right ! Friends can make me feel good, certainly can make me laugh. they know my condition and them not talk about the person who was make me feel pain. 

Start to find a new LOVE

 I DID IT !!!!! 

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